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Kenya Self Drive - 4x4 Car Rental for self drive Kenya from $80

We are Kenya self drive the best rental company to trust. We have affordable 4×4 cars for hire in Kenya and other extras like 4×4 car rental with rooftop tent, car hire with a driver, 4×4 land cruiser jeep with camping gear and many more. 

About Us

Kenya Self Drive

Kenya Self Drive Ltd gives you discounted car rental Kenya services. We look forward to providing you classic services and ensure safety both on-rad and off-road. 

Our fleet comprises of both small and big 4×4 SUV cars for hire in East Africa. All you need to do is contact us and we shall give you the ride of your choice

Kenya Self Drive Ltd is the best car rental company based in Nairobi offering a wide range of car hire Kenya offers. With over 15 years experience, this transport and tour company boasts of a fleet of cars for hire including 4×4 wheel drive cars, 2wheel vehicles, small and big Suvs for hire in Kenya, self drive Kenya saloon cars, small 4×4 cars like Toyota Rav4, land cruisers, safari land cruisers, land rovers, 25 seater minibus coasters, safari vans, super customs, luxury cars for hire in Kenya, budget self drive cars and much more.

Self drive Kenya becomes easy and safe when you hire from a company that values its customers and puts the interests before anything. We guarantee you a 100% safe self drive Kenya experience in the national parks and in various places in East Africa.

Kenya Self Drive Ltd does not only give you a car for self drive in Kenya but also can give you the best driver if needed to take you places around this East African country. Book a car in Kenya today and you will get the best experience on a road trip.

We give you more than cheap car rental in Kenya by giving you other services like camping gear plus car hire in Kenyacar hire with rooftop tent, land cruiser with rooftop tent, a land rover with rooftop tent, vehicle hire in Kenya and accommodation booking, arranging itinerary for Kenya safari, a guide map to help you on the road locate the various places and much more.

Are you interested in long term car hire in Kenya or short term 4×4 self drive in Kenya? We are the best company to give you freedom with the car at any time. We give you unlimited mileage car rental offers as you control your own adventure.  We also have one-way car hire options for those interested in hiring the car in Uganda and dropping it off in Nairobi – Kenya or  Arusha -Tanzania.

Go on and hire a car with Kenya Self Drive Ltd! See Self Drive Tips in Kenya.

Most Popular Car Rental for Self Drive Kenya

Kenya Self drive is here to give you the best car hire experience with great efforts to ensure safety on-road and off-road. Are you planning a roadtrip drive in Kenya or self drive Kenya safari expedition? Look no-further and rent a vehicle with us. Below are some of our popular self drive rentals cars in Kenya from which you can select to suite your travel itinerary.

Land Cruiser Prado TX

Land Cruiser Prado TX Rental

This 4×4 land cruiser Prado TX is a real deal especially for those interested in self drive Kenya experience without any inconvenience.

Toyota Landcruiser V8 Kenya

Toyota Landcruiser V8 Kenya

Landcruiser V8 is a luxurious & powerful SUV that offers exceptional comfort, style & performance with spacious and finely crafted interior.

Land Cruiser Hard Top Hire

Land Cruiser Hard Top Hire

Contact us today and rent a 4×4 Toyota land cruiser hard top for your travel experience in Kenya and other East African countries now

How to Rent a Car in Kenya for Self Drive or Car Hire with a Driver?

Have you ever thought of renting a car in Kenya for self drive or hire a car in Kenya with a driver? Well, there are things you should know before choosing the right company to book with. Here at Kenya Self Drive Ltd, we have the best vehicles including the 4×4 land cruisers for hire in Kenya, 4×4 Toyota Rav4, safari vans and more.

Car rental Kenya is as easy as visiting out contact page, then go on and fill in the contact form with your details then send. Once we receive your inquiry, we shall advice you on the best car to rent in Kenya basing on your travel plans and destinations. Our well trained team will answer all your car rental Kenya questions and those related to Kenya self drive safaris. No stone will be left untouched if you engage our specialists in auto renting Kenya.

Another way of hiring a car in Kenya is by calling us directly on our office mobile numbers (+256704538374/+256781451037). These support numbers are always on 24/7 hours a day and our car rental specialists are ready to receive your call concerning hiring or seeking advice about car hire in Kenya.

Lastly if you are in Kenya or a place nearby, you can visit our offices in Nairobi and book a car for either Kenya self drive safari or car rental Kenya with a driver. The advantage with this option is that you inspect the car you intend to rent before booking it.
Therefore, hiring a car in Kenya is very simple with Kenya Self Drive Company!

Budget-Friendly 4x4 Self Drive Cars for Hire in Kenya

Choose the perfect Budget-Friendly 4x4 Cars for Self-Drive in Kenya. Our budget self drive Kenya rental cars are reliable, usually maintained and serviced every after trip to give you awesome Self-Drive Tours in Kenya. Rent a low cost Car Rental in Kenya!

Saloon Car Rental in Kenya

Saloon Car Rental in Kenya

Rent a small saloon car with Kenya Self Drive company for your movements in and around East Africa. We have both luxury & economy cars

Land Cruiser Prado TZ Hire

Land Cruiser Prado TZ Hire

Just like the TX, Land cruiser TZ gives you both more comfort and stability on the road. Hire this great car for self drive Kenya or with a driver

Super Custom Hire in Kenya

Super Custom Hire in Kenya

Are you a group of 6 people and are interested in visiting Kenya? Rent a 4×4 Toyota super custom from us for your Kenya safari adventure

Quick and Easy Way to Rent a Car for Self Drive in Kenya:

    A Self Drive Kenya car is nearby you!

    With just a few clicks on your phone or computer, you can hire a car in Kenya with us.

    Kenya Self Drive have a team on standby to respond to your self drive Kenya inquiries. 

    We have agents in all East African countries and they are always available to guide you on your Kenya self drive itinerary or help on selecting a perfect car.

    Sometimes you just need a self drive car in Kenya;

    Kenya. The best tourism destination in Africa – known for its deep but easily accessible tourism wonders giving a perfect atmosphere for a self drive roadtrip in Kenya.

    Kenya self drive services from $80 per day will save you a lot of money and hustle as you control your trip and get the best car rental Kenya offers.

    We have discounted car rental rates for travelers planning to visit in February to May

    Best Group Rental Cars in Kenya

    Book your best group rental car in Kenya today and embark on a self drive safari in Kenya or guided Kenya safari. Whether you're traveling with family, friends, or colleagues, our diverse fleet of well-maintained cars cater to different group sizes ensuring everyone can explore Kenya in comfort and style.

    Safari Land Cruiser Rental

    Safari Land Cruiser Rental

    This safari land cruiser extended is a perfect car to hire in Kenya for a safari experience. It carries 5 to 7 people and its very comfortable.

    Mini Bus Hire in Kenya

    Mini Bus Hire in Kenya

    Are you more than 10 people, hiring a mini van in Kenya with us helps you to save money because you travel in one car together instead of two.

    Van Rental in Kenya

    Van Rental in Kenya

    This 4×4 safari van is a perfect car especially for travelers in a group of 7 to 10 people. Its suitable for safari adventure in Kenya and all East Africa.

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Hire a Car with Kenya Self Drive?

    1. Self-drive Kenya cars for hire do not require a driver guide.
    2. Transparent pricing with no hidden fees. You pay for what you see.
    3. Conveniently located in Nairobi Kenya to allow you book a car easily
    4. A fleet of cars for hire in Kenya, including sedans, vans, SUVs and family cars, etc.
    5. High-quality and well-maintained cars
    6. Flexible rental options like short self drive and long-term self drive car rental Kenya needs, including daily, weekly, monthly, and even longer self drive Kenya rental periods.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the age limit to rent a car in Kenya for self Drive?

    Here at Kenya Self Drive Ltd ensure that we give our cars to people of the right age for self drive and this is between 23-75 years of age. Other car hire companies give their cars to clients of underage but this is dangerous because once a client gets a problem then it’s the car rental company to blame.

    When is the right time to rent a car in Kenya?

    Its always the right time to rent a car in Kenya. Depending on your travel plans or itinerary, we always ready to give you the right car at nay period of time. We rent cars in Kenya during the rainy season and dry season. Therefore, rent a car in Kenya anytime with us.

    What are the road rules in Kenya?

    Before hiring a car in Kenya for self drive, it’s a good practice to find out the road rules and regulations. This helps you to know what to do on the road and avoid penalties by the Kenyan authorities. Its also for your own safety to avoid accidents on the road. We have compiled a list of road rules and regulations in Kenya, Read more here

    How can I rent a car in Kenya?

    Renting a car in Kenya for self drive or car hire with a driver is as simple as visiting our contact page and filling in the form then send. We shall get back to you immediately. Another way of booking a car in Kenya is by calling us directly on +256781451037/+256704538374. You can also visit our offices in Nairobi and book any type of car you want to drive.

    How can I acquire a driving license in Kenya?

    Before driving a car in Kenya, one is required to have a valid driving license issued by the Kenyan authorities. Find out here how to obtain a driving license in Kenya.

    Can I drive the car from Kenya to other countries after hiring?

    Kenya Self Drive Company offers trans-border car hire services. This means that once you hire a car in Kenya with us, we allow you to cross the border and drive to Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Pick the car in Nairobi and drop it off in Arusha or Kampala with us.

    Is my driving license accepted in Kenya?

    Well if you have a valid driving permit from your native country, you are allowed to drive in Kenya. Here at Self Drive Kenya Ltd ensure that you present your driving permit from your country and your passport before giving you a car for self drive in Kenya.

    What is the perfect car for self drive in Kenya?

    It doesn’t matter which type of car you want to hire for self drive in Kenya. What is important is the condition and maintenance of the car.

    We have all types of cars including 4×4 safari cars suitable for Kenya safaris. Depending on your travel plans, we have the right vehicle for you.

    Are cars Comprehensively Insured?

    Yes, our cars are comprehensively insures and you don’t need to worry about anything while on the road. At Kenya Self Drive Lt, safety of our clients comes first and we make sure they are comfortable on the road and secure.

    How do I pay for car hire in Kenya?

    If you have selected the right car to hire in Kenya the next thing is to pay. Here at Kenya self drive, we accept payments on arrival at the airport and also sending through our company bank accounts. Feel free to contact us for more details about paying for a rental car in Kenya.

    Why Rent a car in Kenya?

    There are many reasons why you should hire a car in Kenya. If you are visiting Kenya for a safari adventure, its better to rent a car because owning it is more costly.

    Also its more time and cost saving to hire a car in Kenya than owning one especially if you are not staying for a long time. Read more about the advantages of hiring a car in Kenya on our website.

    How much does it cost to rent a car in Kenya?

    The cost of car hire in Kenya depends on the type of car one intends to rent, the number of days he/she is to stay with the car, the form of car hire (car rental Kenya with a driver or Self Drive Kenya) and other transport additional services.

    Here at Kenya Self Drive company advice our clients that to hire a car in Kenya, one should start with $20.

    Is it more expensive to hire a car with manual or automatic transmission in Kenya?

    When it comes to renting a car in Kenya, the transmission of the car doesn’t matter. The price of hiring an automatic car in Kenya is the same as that of manual transmission. Unlike other car rental companies in Kenya, we ensure that our clients get the cheapest Kenya car hire offers.

    Additional Transport Services for Self Drive Kenya;

    car rental and camping gear kenya

    Self Drive Kenya & Camping Gear

    Are you interested in renting a car in Kenya with camping gear? We have the best camping equipment to use on your Kenya safari holiday. Feel free to contact us and book a car with camping gear today!

    car with rooftop tent kenya

    Car Hire Kenya with Rooftop Tent

    Book a Toyota land cruiser with rooftop tent from Kenya Self Drive Company. We have the best rooftop tents for hire in Kenya ate a very friendly price.

    car rental kenya with driver

    Car Rental Kenya with a Driver

    Car rental in Kenya with a driver is another service we offer. We have well trained driver guides to help you move to various parts of Kenya and other parts of East Africa. Go on and contact us and we shall reserve a car and driver in Kenya for you!

    Kenya car rental with GPS

    Car Rental Kenya with GPS Navigation

    Are you a new visitor to Kenya and interested in a self drive Kenya experience? We have special car rental offers with GPS navigation to help you locate the various places in Kenya and in all parts of East Africa.

    unlimited mileage car hire kenya

    Unlimited Mileage Car Rental in Kenya

    When you hire a car from Kenya Self Drive Ltd, you are not limited when it comes to mileage. Control your journey to all parts of East Africa with our unlimited car hire services. Don’t let anyone control your drive in Kenya

    luxury car rental kenya

    Luxury Car Rental Kenya (Self Drive)

    Are you interested in hiring a luxury car in Kenya? We have got you covered with our spacious and comfortable luxury cars for hire. Book any type of luxury car in Kenya today.

    The Best Self Drive Car Rental Company in Kenya;

    Kenya Self Drive Ltd is by far the leading car hire company in East Africa providing extensive auto services in the region. Since 2008, this company has been client’s favorite and this is witnessed by the various nominations and reviews by past clients. Are you interested in a self drive experience? We are your best answer. From hiring cars on a self drive basis to car rental Kenya with a driver. To us this is not all about getting money but a service to help our clients access all the travel destinations in Kenya and East Africa safely on the road without any problem.

    What services does Kenya Self Drive Provide?

    1. Car rental Kenya Services:

      This is our major service as a company. We help our clients get the most suitable car for hire in Kenya depending on their destination. We have a wide fleet of cars including 4×4 cars from which one can select the best vehicle for his Kenya road trip adventure. We offer both budget Kenya car hire and luxury cars for hire in this East African country.

    2. Self Drive in Kenya:

      With the increase in the number of people visiting Kenya, some prefer driving themselves while in this country to various destinations. Here at Kenya Self Drive Ltd do offer Kenya self drive services by allowing clients to pick a car from us and drive his/herself to her desired destination. This enables someone to control his or her journey without any inconvenience.

    3. Car Rental Kenya with a driver:

      We have well-trained drivers ready to drive you in Kenya and around East Africa. Car hire in Kenya with a driver is another service offered by us at a manageable fee. Get an experienced driver on your Kenya visit and enjoy your stay.

    4. Car Rental Kenya with Rooftop tent:

      Are you interested in hiring a car in Kenya with a rooftop tent? We have got you covered with our special offers and at the best prices. Grab any type of car for hire with a rooftop tent with us and enjoy your wildlife adventure.

    5. Car Hire Kenya with Camping gears

      We have all the camping equipment to use while on your trip to Kenya. Rent a 4×4 car in Kenya with us all camping gears at a discount.

    6. Kenya Safaris:

      We also arrange safaris to Kenya and also help you book accommodation in any place of stay in Kenya. Are you interested in booking Kenya safaris? We can make this happen with the help of our safari specialists.

    Why book with Kenya Self Drive?

    • 24/7 road assistance
    • Cars are comprehensively insured
    • Unlimited mileage car rental
    • Route planning
    • Honesty, trustworthy and reliable car rental company
    • Unbeatable car hire prices
    • Well-serviced and comfortable cars
    • Travel advise and safari planning
    • Freedom with car

    How to book a car with Kenya Self Drive

    Hiring a car in Kenya with 4×4 Drive Kenya is as simple as visiting our contact page and filling in the form then send. Upon receiving your inquiry, we shall get back to you immediately with the best Kenya car rental offers. Alternatively, you can call/whatsapp us on +256704538374.




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