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Kenya self drive safaris  – Affordable car rental Kenya

kenya self drive safaris

Want to get the best out of Kenya? A Kenya self drive safaris roadtrip is a must include on your travel bucket list. The freedom and flexibility that comes with your private car hired is just enough to offer you the greatest experience on Kenya explorations.

With a self drive Kenya car, you tail your journey according to your personal interests, there is nothing like being rushed to your next stop. You drive and wander off to wherever you wish, stop at your eye catchy spots. Self-driving is the best way to explore all what is withhold with in the country boundaries.

At Kenya Self Drive, we offer you the most reliable fleets of cars available for self-drive Tanzania from mid range to luxurious cars available both on a short term and long-term car rental Kenya services featured with a comprehensive insurance, spare tire, tool kit, a road map and a 24hr road side assistance.

Our other 4×4 self-drive car hire Kenya services that you can add on your car rental include a rooftop tent, camping gear.

 Self drive safaris destinations in Kenya

Explore Kenya, go about all your destinations on a self-drive with the most reliable durable car for as low as $80/day.

 Explore the capital, Nairobi for shopping,enjoy Kenya Cuisines, drive on the streets of Mombasa and visit Fort Jesus,the old town, Nyali beach,and Mombasa  marine national park. At Mombasa, you can also go for snorkeling, sky diving and shopping.  check out the white sand coastal beaches in Malindi,visit Malindi museum , Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret .Check out the Great Rift Valley, Uhuru gardens, islands, bays,dive into Kenya’s wilderness, explore different parks in the country, don’t miss out on the largest Tsavo National park, visit Amboseli, Masai Mara,enjoy hot air ballooning, sky diving, snorkeling, hiking, and so much more.

 Requirements for car hire for your Kenya self drive roadtrip

Maximum Age; Only a person who is 25years old  and above but below 75years old is eligible to hire a car. The government of Kenya allows a person who is 18years and above to drive but in most car rental agencies, they will consider a person who is 21 or 25 and above because very younger teenager come with a lot of issues.

A valid driving permit; one must present a a valid driving permit of at least 2years experience. The permit is then presented to the car rental service providers in Kenya to check if you are eligible and liable to hire a car.

A copy of passport or national ID; These additional documents are collected to help gather more info about the client for security purposes

Next of Kin; you can either present the next of kin physically with a copy of any legal document such as a national id for the national or you can just present a copy of passport for the international visitors for security purposes just in case of any emergency.

Good driving record; you should not have history of getting involved in road accidents for more than 2times, records of hit and  run, stolen car and records of reckless driving in a period of 3years driving on the road.

Road safety tips for a self-drive in Kenya

When travelling as a solo traveler, reaching your destination safely should e one of your major concern, yes, a lot may destruct you during the course of your journey and if you are well equipped with the safety driving basics, you will always overcome them in a professional way. Below are some of the basic of road safety to guide you during your self-drives in Kenya;

1.Avoid driving when Tired/ late night drives;

After a long tiring adventurous day, all you need is to rest, not to get on the wheels. Driving tired will make you doze off and hence lose control of your vehicle, leading you to a collision that might even claim your life. Opt to rest when tired and embark on your journey fresh and energetic the following day

2. Practice road safety tips when driving;

Road safety tips include wearing your seat-belts, ensure keeping in your lane for a two way drive, avoid talking on phone while driving, avoid tieing luggage loosely at the top of your car, drop indicators in case you want to over take or change lane and keep items you might need often in close reach.

3. Practice defensive driving skills;

You will find that most Kenya taxi and motor cycle men drive recklessly, they pack wherever they wish, they over take unexpectedly therefore applying a bit of defensive driving but with your major focus on safety is very good as it will give you full control of your wheel, your way.

3. Don’t drink excessive alcohol or any drug and drive

Driving needs a sober and a  well prepared mind,when you are high in minds, you will end up making worst decisions, you will lose focus on the road hence leading to collisions, serious accidents, claiming your life and the lives of others.

4. Respect road signs

Obey road signs as they help to give you a signal of what you are about to bump in ahead of you like a corner, a junction,a hill, men at work, a blocked road and so many others.

5. Not everyone can be trusted

Avoid giving lifts to strangers most especially on high ways as that might be a track for highway robbers jumping into your car when you stop and robe you everything.

6. Speed limtis

Watch out and obey speed limits on the road sigh posts most especially on high ways, protected areas like game reserves, in busy urban centers, areas around schools  to ensure safety of your life and others.

7. Make a safe driving plan;

Know where to stop to buy a drink , a snack or just to relax. Watch out on the environment before you pull over maybe to ease yourself or to check on your vehicle. Avoid stopping on highway as it will expose you to robbery. Urban centers are the safest places to stop in case of anything. Always look out for yourself while driving in Kenya.

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