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Browse Our Car Fleet Kenya: Cars Hire for Every Need in Nairobi

Kenya Self Drive has a fleet of cars from which you can select the best that suits your travel arrangements. We hire these cars both on self drive basis and car rental with a driver in Kenya. Below are some of our cars to hire in Kenya;

Kenya Car Fleet

Kenya Car Fleet – Find Your Ideal Drive:

4×4 Toyota Rav4

4×4 Toyota Rav4 is a small SUV suitable for all kinds of safaris. It can be used either on a city tour movement or on an adventure to the national parks in Kenya.

Its a 5seater car with four doors. Very comfortable to drive and it beats all roads of all kinds. We have both manual and automatic Rav4 cars for hire in Kenya You can rent a Rav4 in Kenya for self drive or rent with a driver with us.

Rooftop Tent Land Cruiser V8/VX

Rooftop tent land cruiser V8/VX is a very comfortable car suitable for camping trips to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Its very strong and can take you places without getting any problem on the road.

We have both manual land cruisers v8/vx for hire in Kenya and automatic. These are best for 3 people and we can proving with full camping gears.

Roof Top Tent Land cruiser Prado TZ/TX

Rent a Roof top tent land cruiser Prado TX/TZ with us today for either self drive or with a driver, It a comfortable car and suitable for 2 people. It comes in both automatic and manual form ready to be driven to any destination in Kenya. Hiring a land cruiser TX/TZ is as easy as contacting and we shall give it to you.

Toyota Land Cruiser GX

Toyota Land Cruiser Gx is very strong and comfortable car suitable for safaris to Kenya. We have both manual and automatic land cruiser GX cars for hire in Kenya.

You can book them with rooftop tent plus all camping gears at a very good price. We also have 4×4 Toyota land cruiser GX with a sun-roof.

4×4 Toyota Prado (Sun-roof)

This 4×4 Toyota Prado is a comfortable car with a seating capacity of four people including the driver. We have both manual and automatic Toyota Prado for hire in Kenya on a self drive basis or with a driver.

We highly recommend our clients to use a 4×4 Prado because its stronger and can take you to all places in East Africa without getting issues.

4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop

Are you interested in game viewing? 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop is the best car to hire in Kenya especially if you are 2 – 5 people. It fuel consumption is fair and very strong to carry to all places in East Africa.

Rent a land cruiser hardtop with us today for a thrilling experience. You can hire with a driver. Its in manual form with pop up for sightseeing and game viewing experience.

4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop Extended.

4×4 Toyota land cruiser hardtop extended is an amazing car suitable for off-road safari experience. It carries 6 to 8 people and has a fridge inside, free WIFI, charging sockets and many more accessories.

Its in manual form and we rent it with a driver who is experienced and knowledgeable about tourism in East Africa.

Other cars to rent in Kenya with us include; saloon cars, Toyota Prado- 3litre, luxury land cruiser V8, Toyota Hiace, Super custom, safari vans, sedan cars, mini buses and more.




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