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Self Drive in Kenya – Affordable 4×4 Cars for self drive in Kenya

Self Drive in KenyaSelf Drive in Kenya is an exciting adventure because you get to control your journey at your own terms. Here at Kenya Self Drive we have the best car rental offers to make your trip interesting with our full 24/7 support both on and off road. Are you interested in Kenya self drive? We have special discounts when you rent a car with us to drive yourself.

What is Self Drive?

Self drive means driving yourself in a car. It’s as simple as hiring a car and instead of being driven by a driver, you drive yourself. Currently, many visitors to Kenya are opting to do Kenya self drive tours instead of guided safaris. This is because they want to reduce on the trip costs and also want to have more privacy on their holiday.

For the first-time visitors to Kenya, we advise to use GPS or get a free map from our office before embarking on a Kenya self drive adventure.

What is the age limit for a self drive in Kenya?

The age limit for a self drive Kenya is between 22 years to 75 years. Here at Kenya Self Drive Ltd ensure that the right people are allowed to go on a self drive in Kenya before being given our cars. This is done for safety reasons both on the company side and client’s side.

Can I take self drive car from Kenya to other countries?

Yes you can hire a car for self drive in Kenya and drive to Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. We do not limit your adventure as you drive through all East African countries. Hire a car from Uganda and drop it off in Nairobi – Kenya or Arusha – Tanzania.

What are the requirements for Self Drive in Kenya?

To rent a car in Kenya for self drive one requires to have a valid international driving license or any driving license from the country of origin. Also before giving you a car to drive in Kenya, we require you to provide us with a valid copy of your passport.

When can one rent car in Kenya for self Drive?

Our Kenya self drive services are available all year every month and therefore you can book a car anytime and it it will be given to you right away.

Which cars are hired on a self drive in Kenya adventure?

Here at Kenya Self Drive Ltd, we give you a wide range of different cars from which you can select the best for your trip. This includes; 4×4 Toyota Rav4, safari land cruiser, land rover, Toyota Prado TX/TZ, 25 seater mini buses, safari van, saloon cars and much more.

How to book a car for self Drive in Kenya?

Renting a car in Kenya for self drive is as easy as visiting our contact page and filling in the form then sending it. We shall get back to you with guide on self drive and other information basing on your requirements. You can also contact us directly on our phone or whatsapp at +256704538374




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