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Self Drive Tips in Kenya; Ultimate Guide for Safe Driving in Kenya

See valuable Self Drive Tips in Kenya! Whether you are coming for a self drive guided safari Kenya or planning to visit the country for business trip, it is important to know crucial Self drive tips in Kenya you can follow while on the road.

The East African country has a number of activities that do range from Nairobi city tours, visiting the beaches in Mombasa to visiting any of the national parks to see so much of the wildlife species that are there among others.

Self Drive Tips in Kenya

In this article, we will cover the important self drive tips in Kenya you need to follow whether you are driving in Kenya with a foreign driving license or using the country’s license. These tips include:

Ask about Fuel Consumption of the Car;

Before you hire a car for self drive in Kenya, you need to be keen and sure about the car’s fuel consumption so that you hire a car that fits within your budget. Our Land Cruiser TX/TZ consumes about one litre of fuel for each 8-9 kilometers. A liter of fuel in Kenya as of today costs only $1.337

Knowing the fuel consumption of the car helps you determine how much you are willing to spend on the car and also be able to look at other alternatives of 4wd Kenya cars for hire.

It’s also crucial to know the type of fuel the car consumes once you head to the fuel pump. Fuel stations in Kenya have both leaded and unleaded fuel. Upon renting the car, our guides will brief you on the type of fuel to use and fuel stations you can use.

Explore various self drive in Kenya options;

We have the very best and reliable fleet of cars for self drive in Kenya and these include; a Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser GX/VX and more. You can visit our fleet page to check out the various cars for hire on Self drive in Kenya.

Know what is included and excluded in the self drive in Kenya;

Understanding what’s included and excluded in self drive car rental in Kenya helps you plan for your trip accordingly and make sure that you do spend what’s within your budget.

It is always important to ask about this before you proceed with signing the car rental Kenya contract.

Road condition in Kenya;

Most of the roads within the city centers of Kenya are tarmacked making it easier and hassle free while driving. It’s the roads that are in the outskirts of cities like Nairobi that are made of marram but with the perfect vehicle you can still navigate through these roads.

roads in Kenya

Roads in the game parks like Masai Mara are in most cases during the wet season of the year impassable but throughout the dry season, you will be able to visit the park and move hassle-free.

In case of a breakdown;

Our cars are always fully serviced and maintained before they are made available for hire to our clients. However, for unfortunate events like a breakdown, we always advise you to contact us and our team will be on stand-by to come to assess and make sure the issue is rectified before you are allowed to proceed with your journey.

Speed limits in Kenya;

Whether you are driving in Kenya with a foreign driving license or the country’s driving license, you are always required to observe traffic rules and among these is making sure you adhere to the set speed limits both within the cities and highways.

The speed limit for all vehicles navigating through towns is 50km/h and on the highway you can accelerate up to 110km/hr. Any speed above that will lead to a penalty for over speeding.

Traffic rules and regulations;

Anyone going for self drive in Kenya is required to drive on the left-hand side of the motorway. While over-taking, you will be required to do so on the right-hand side of the motorway and only when its clear or safe.

Like any other country, roads in Kenya have signs and you are expected to fully respect these signs put on the road for your own safety and other road users. You will also be expected to respect other users on the road that is making sure you stay within your lane which eliminates chances of creating unnecessary traffic and more.

How to deal with police in case of a pull over;

Generally police officers in Kenya are friendly and once they ask you to stop or park the car, they are always want to find out whether you do have the required documents like a driving permit.

The officers will also check the condition of the vehicle, the tyres and more. Once you are found to have all the necessary requirements, you will be left alone to leave and continue to your final destination.

Get Parking;

Many hotels, banks and other service providers in major cities of Nairobi do provide free parking for their clients. If you are heading out of the city, we advise you to park in a well-known and safer area.

Parking where it is not allowed might lead to a penalty. There some spots within the city where you are allowed to park but at a fee and this varies with the hours you are to spend away from the car.

Can I cross a border;

We allow our clients to cross borders to neighboring countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and beyond because we understand Self drive is among the top ways one can fully discover what Africa does have within her boundaries.

In case you need to rent a car for self drive in Kenya and you are planning to cross the border, its important to provide your travel itinerary so that we can arrange the required documents needed for you to cross with the car to the next country.

Overall, Self drive in Kenya is a great way you can explore what the country holds within her boundaries. We also arrange tailor-made safaris for anyone interested in visiting the country. Get in touch with us today.


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