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 Best time to visit Kenya

 Best time to visit Kenya - Affordable self drive Kenya safaris

 Best time to visit Kenya – Affordable self drive Kenya safaris

Kenya is becoming one of the popular destinations in the world with alot that you will be able to find within her boundaries and to get the best experience, you will need visit during a specific time of the year.

One of the best conducive time to visit Kenya for wildlife and other explorations is during its dry seasons that usually run from June to September. These seasons come with a vibrant look of nature, roads are very accessible offering you unlimited mileages on safaris.

On the other hand, rain seasons from March to May are also preferred by some travelers as they come with low travelling and accommodation costs and less traffic in the popular tourist destinations.  December is characterized with low falls of rainfall hence making it the perfect time to visit the republic if you are travelling for pleasure, explorations than other soaked months of rainfall that’s is march, April and may.

Most Kenya tourist destinations are good to be visited during the month of January and march  as the weather is always favorable with mild and dry climate  making it good for wildlife explorations, with animals very active in the reserves offering you magnificent views of nature.

The climate at the Indian Ocean Coastline is always hot and very humid with occasional occurrence of rainfall through out the year therefore you can visit it any time of your convenience.

Monthly guide to Travelling in Kenya

We are here to help you chose the perfect time for your upcoming safari to Kenya. Below are the climatic  conditions of different months in Kenya depending on their seasons;

 Exploring Kenya in;

January is always a dry month characterized with high temperatures,very good for coastline beach holidays and wildlife sightings .

February  is a great month for safari characterized warm days and cool nights, with the coastline very hot during days and calm temperatures at night . the month is good for mountain hiking adventurous activities and animal sightings near water bodies.

March is filled with heavy rainfalls characterized with muddy slippery landscapes most especially in the remote areas and  in the wilderness which can only be maneuvered by a4x4 wheel drive. Some tourists find this month good for explorations as it comes low costs and very low traffic at the popular tourist destinations.

April is a very wet month of Kenya characterized with very heavy rainfalls in most parts of the country. However,central highlands and Nairobi  are always hot during  day and cool at night. The remote and wilderness road networks are un accessible  but it is a good time for wildlife photography as the fields are always green and the skies very beautiful to give you that beautiful, incredible wildlife photography.

In may,situation is starting to get back to normal from frequent heavy rainfalls to occasional rainfalls. Climate is humid along the coastline beaches making it unfavourable for water adventurous activities but very good for wildlife explorations.

June and October

These two months mark the start of the long dry seasons of Kenya. We consider them the best months to go for African safaris though they don’t give those favourable weather conditions. They would require you to put on very light clothes to have an amazing experience. They are filled with animal sightings most especially around water bodies  and it is in these that the great wildebeest migration happens across the Masai Mara with animals crossing Mara river to Tanzania Serengeti and other neighbouring parks in search for water and greener pastures.

In August and September, temperatures are hotter,dry savanna grasslands, water is dried up in various water sources around various parks, wildebeest migration at its peak now, very good for animal sightings including the wildebeest migrations and for different explorations around the country.

In October, the weather is still hot, water sources more dry, very small greenery is seen in the parks, different herds of animals are still crossing to the neighbouring game reserves in other countries  but this cannot empty Masai Mara, tourists will still enjoy game drives filled with animal sightings, it shouldn’t be a threat to visit the park during these months.

November marks the start of short rainy periods, some camps like those on Laikipia plateau will start closing while others will remain open. It is a very good time for wildlife explorations as it has less traffic of tourists and comes with low safari costs.

December is always hot but with occasional rainfalls. It is a very good month for wildlife views, bird watching and butterfly watching.

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