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Rent a car to Amboseli National Park

rent a car in Amboseli National Park

Planning to visit Amboseli National Park on your Kenya Self drive roadtrip, we have the right and affordable 4×4 cars for such a trip. Whether you would like to hire a safari Land Cruiser  with a popup roof for your family vacation or simply a Land Cruiser V8/VX, we will get you that at the best price. 

Amboseli – which is situated in the south eastern part of the coutnry is famously known for its free ranging elephants and one of the country’s top destinations with a lot to offer to its guests such as game drives, animal tracking, bird watching, scenic views of Mount Kilimanjaro, nature walks, hot air ballooning and so much more. 

The park occupies an area of 392km2 with an echo system spreading across Kenya and Tanzania border.

While on a game drive in Amboseli, you will encounter a diverse of animal species such as  African bush elephant, Masai giraffe  impala, lions, cheetah,leopards,Cape buffalo, spotted hyena, Grant’s zebra, warthogs, bush kobs, and blue wildebeest, over 400 different bird species inclusive of water wading birds and so much more.

How to access Amboseli national park

Amboseli can easily be accessed by both Air and road transport. By road transport, it is a 3hr 29min journey covering a distance of 203km via C102 along Mombasa highway, 3 hr 25 min (209.4 km) via A104,3 hr 47 min (216.9 km) via C103 and A104.

We usually pickup our guests to the park from Jomo Kenyatta international airport and Wilson airport direct to the park if that’s how they would wish to have it. You can explore Amboseli game reserve and other parks as well in close distance to Amboseli such as Tsavo game reserve which is only 8km away from Amboseli.

Game drive Rules in Amboseli National park

Game drive guidelines are set up by the park management to protect both the wildlife and guests while on their adventurous activities in the park and these include;

  1. You should drive only at maximum speed of 40km/hr  within the park boundaries and for best wildlife views, a maximum speed of 10km/hr is recommended.
  2. Off-road driving and tress-passing is strictly prohibited.
  3. You should always keep on your trucks, never leave them unless on safe zones.
  4. Keep a safe distance of at-least 15m while on game views most especially in the danger zones of lions and leopards.
  5. Avoid littering the park, carry your rubbish back with you to the offices for proper disposal.
  6. While at the sighting zone, switch off the engine, access the area for-example for animal behaviour, escape routes Justin case.
  7. Avoid blocking path or direction of animal movements and for your fellow guests, always leave a way. Do not harass the scared animals in any way.

Best time to visit Amboseli National park

Amboseli National Park can be visited throughout the year but the best time to embark on your game drives to the park is during the dry seasons usually in the months of June, July, August and September.

During this time, the park does receive less or no rainfall at all that does make the roads within the park dry and easy to navigate through. Its also during this time that various wildlife species gather along river banks, water sources which makes it easier to spot them.

Some of the visitors would much prefer to visit during the wet seasons because of the additional benefits that come with them such as the low car rental costs, low accommodation fees and low traffic in the park.

This takes place during the months of March to May and October to early December. 

Popular cars to hire on your safari to Amboseli

The best SUV cars to give an ultimate game drive experience in Amboseli include the safari land cruiser, Land Cruiser V8, Toyota Prado TX, and and cruiser hardtop all featured with a pop-up roof for best wildlife sightings and available at a competitive market price.

Land Cruiser GX manual

Land Cruiser GX manual

Switch gears as you explore and visit the various parts of Amboseli with our Land Cruiser GX manual. This is a fulltime 4×4 car and with a diesel engine strong to get you anwhere in the park. 

Amboseli National Park car rental

Land Cruiser V8

On your safari Amboseli, you deserve the right car that will give you the comfort and strong enough to conquer the terrains in the park. Our Land Cruiser V8 is the best option to choose from. This is a 5-6 seater with amazing features

Amboseli National Park car rental

Land Cruiser Prado

Looking for a reliable 4×4 car with low fuel consumption? our Land Cruiser prado TX is the best option. This too is a 4×4 car, automatic transmission and also comes with a popup roof to introduce you to scenic views of the park and more. 

Accommodation Options in Amboseli National park

There are a number of  safari lodges and camps to hold in comfort during your wildlife explorations at the park ranging from mid-range to luxury and some of these include  Elephant Watch Camp, Governor’s Camp, Sarova Hotels, Tuli Amboseli safari Camp, Uzima cottages, Kibo Safari Camp, Elerai Camp , Tortilis camp, Kili Spring Camp, The Cliff Camp, Lake Naivasha, among others.

Rent your car to Amboseli today





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