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4x4 Car Rental Kenya - Self drive Kenya tours

4x4 car rental Kenya - self drive tours

Planning to visit Kenya for a wildlife Exploration, but you are wondering about which car to best suit your safari? Then look no further, we have the best, the most reliable fleets of 4×4 wheel drive to best suit every kind of exploration or road trip  being a business road trip or a leisure road trip.

We offer you a fleet SUV cars from a renown manufacture, well maintained and serviced every after any safari, they are in a good shape and condition. We offer you a 24hr road side assistance no matter in which area in Kenya you are because we operate under a very close network and have work shops upcountry to address all on site car issues to make sure that you have a smooth experience with our car rental services.

Our 4×4 wheel drives are readily available on both a long-term car rental Kenya and a short term car rental service,for solo travelers or guided road trips at favourable terms and conditions.

Browse our 4×4 wheel drive store for the best car rental deal accompanied by the reliable wheel drive to meet all safari needs.

At Your drive Kenya, 4×4 car rental Kenya car hire comes with a comprehensive insurance covering all the potential damages to the car, a spare tire and Manual transmission, no hidden fees and most importantly unlimited mileages to let you go about all your destinations

4×4 Car Rental Kenya services

Whether you are visiting and would like a car rental for self drive Kenya or car hire Kenya with driver, be rest assured that we have the right 4×4 car for your trip at the best car hire Nairobi prices. 

4×4 car Rental Kenya with a pop-up roof

4x4 car rental Kenya

We have the best 4×4 cars with popup roof that are reliable and you can choose on your Kenya self drive roadtrip. These include Land Cruiser Extended, Land Cruiser prado TX, Safari van, and Land Cruiser 70 Hardtop. These come with a strong and a powerful engine, rough tires and high ground clearance ready to to offer you the best game drive experience while visiting the various national parks in the country like Masai Mara game reserve, Amboseli National Park and more. 

Go head and reserve your car with us today at unbeatable prices. 

4×4 car rental Kenya with a camping gear

4x4 car rental Kenya

Adding camping to your wilderness safaris in Kenya is the best way to experience the best of Kenya’s wilderness and achieve the best out of it, you must put into consideration the essential equipment that you will carry along with you into the wild.

Wake up to beautiful sunrise and sleep under a thousand stars with our car rental with camping gear service. Our gear includes; camping chairs, camping tables, sleeping bags, cooler box, storage box, an electric fridge at an extra fee ($5 per day) plus much more that you can add onto your gear.

4×4 car rental Kenya with a rooftop tent

4x4 car rental Kenya

Get the best out of your self drive Kenya roadtrip with car rental with a rooftop tent. You can either hire Land Cruiser V8 which does come with a single rooftop good for a couple or a solo traveler, and also come with a double rooftop tent commonly called a family tent, good and fit for a small family of 4, the parents and their two children.  The tents are of high quality, water proofed to enable camping in rain and on wet surfaces. They are fitted with a sponge, very well ventilated and insulated to give you the best camping experience in Kenya wilderness.

4×4 car rental with a chauffeur Kenya

4x4 car rental Kenya

Car rental with a driver is the greatest way to explore and learn more about Kenya and the various destinations that you will be visiting. Local drivers are always well equipped with history and current facts about the country. At Kenya Self Drive we offer you the best driver in Nairobi, descent, hospitable and knowledgeable. Equipped with all the info that you may need to know about Kenya or your travel destinations. Well versed will all the road networks, ready to take you all about your destinations smoothly and making sure you get there on time. Rent your car with a driver today with us.

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    What you need to hire a car in Kenya?

    Like it is else where, to hire a car in Kenya especially for self drive Kenya safaris, you will need to have met specific requirements and provided the right documents for the car to be reserved for you. These include; 

    Driving license; This is one of the most important document that you need to provide. With a valid driving license, you will be able to drive through Kenya and self drive east africa hassle free. A valid driving license does prove that in deed you have the experience and licensed to drive on the road. 

    Passport: This is required for identification purposes regarding your nationality, the age (whether you are eligible to drive or not) and more. 

    With these two, you will rent a car in Kenya. Other important documents that you need to have include a visa that gives you entry into the country. 




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